Challenges of Using IoT Technology
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The IoT industry is already a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it is growing at a fast pace. However, with the number of challenges the industry faces, it also suffers losses. These challenges hinder the widespread effectiveness of IoT devices. Here we will discuss some of the challenges the IoT industry faces.

Security Issues:

One of the greatest challenges that IoT device manufacturers face is making dependable and secure IoT devices. Since the devices are meant to be small, it makes implementing proper security measures difficult. Due to these limitations, the devices are susceptible to viruses and other forms of attacks. This holds back companies from using these devices as they are more prone to security breaches.

End Users:

Most end users are not aware of the security risks surrounding IoT technology. They are not as up-to-date on the latest security protocols and can accidentally expose their system to a virus/ransomware. Users without intimate knowledge of this technology are more likely to cause problems in IoT systems due to their lack of security hygiene.

Different Protocols:

One of the greatest challenges that the IoT industry faces is that there is no unity between the device manufacturers. Every manufacturer has its protocols which results in slow and difficult-to-maintain systems. This causes compatibility issues down the line and results in systems that are tedious to maintain. Due to this, the systems that are built using devices from different manufacturers have interoperability issues.

Data Storage/Volume:

Another major challenge with IoT technology is the storage of data. IoT devices must store large amounts of and different types of data. This can cause issues because current devices do not possess the capability to store and process large volumes of data. This greatly slows down systems using IoT if they are handling huge amounts of data. However, this challenge could be overcome over time. Data storage devices are getting smaller and more efficient and making use of them to manufacture IoT devices would help in overcoming data storage issues.

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