Making APIs the bedrock of IoT development
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Making APIs the bedrock of IoT development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to explode in the months and years ahead. Analyst IHS predicts by 2025 there will be 75.4 billion connected devices in use, while another recent report found over half of IT leaders are investing or planning to invest in the IoT. This rapid growth is partly driven by an endless number of potential IoT use cases, from smart parking sensors that help drivers find space in crowded cities to predictive maintenance that can keep manufacturing production lines from unplanned downtime.

With IoT’s incredible diversity, it’s hard to envision exactly where it will end up. We’re only at the beginning of what the technology is going to do for us and how it will impact our lives. For businesses in particular, the development of the IoT opens up a whole new world of opportunity for transmitting useful data that makes businesses more efficient and helps them to understand their customers better. However, despite the endless possibilities, there are several challenges standing in the way, especially when it comes to making IoT data accessible and actionable.

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