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Even if most information today is already available at a hands reach, which is usually a smartphone, there is a point in making some important information even easier to access. In a previous video, I’ve already talked about how an airline company used the color of a flower to indicate their sales, so this time I wanted to create something even more visual, and decided to make a world map show the current state of each major stock exchange and finance.

To do that you need an Arduino Yún, an RGB LED strand (at least with 25 pixels), a 5V power adapter (for 25 pixels you need at least 1.5A, for 50 3A, etc), a female connector, 3 jumper wires, and a board with world map that has 12 mm (0.45″) holes for each stock exchange location.

To setup the hardware, you start by disconnecting everything from its power source, and then connect the Arduino GND to the strand GND, the Arduino pin 2 to the strand data pin (usually yellow or white), the Arduino pin 3 to the strand clock pin (usually green), the power adapter minus to the strand GND, and the power adapter plus to the strand VCC – the last two via the female connector (more details on connecting the strand can be found on https://learn.adafruit.com/12mm-led-p…).


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