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IoT Expo India:

The IoT Expo in India is one of the biggest IoT events in the world. It showcases some of the latest and greatest advancements in the field of IoT and presents how IoT can be integrated into numerous industries. It is also one of the biggest events for exploring the impact that IoT technology has on other industries in the country. As we know, there has been an increase in the demand for IoT technology to be integrated into multiple industries. The expo is a great place to start for anyone looking to make investment decisions or back projects.

IoT Expo India – When & Where is it Taking Place?

The event is taking place from 27-29 of March 2023 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi India. It is a great opportunity to for people around the world to witness how IoT technology will be shaping the future.

IoT Expo India 2022:

The IoT Expo India in 2022 was an extremely successful event. It boasts:

  • Over 860+ exhibitors
  • 100 Startups
  • 150 Speakers
  • And almost 31 thousand visitors.

IoT Expo India – Why It is Beneficial for You:

India has been advancing in the IT department in the past few years, and the IoT Expo is there to show off exactly how many advancements have been made. The fourth industrial revolution is all about digital empowerment, and the IoT Expo serves to highlight all the achievements/progress that is being made in this department. It is one of the biggest events regarding IoT (5th international exhibition) and has promoted IoT to newer heights. Anyone seeking to learn more about how IoT innovations are happening, or just seeking more knowledge about IoT should attend this event.

What to Expect in 2023:

Viewing the success that the event had in 2022, we can only expect things to get even better this time around. The expo is in late March, and we are excited to see what new innovations and creations are going to be presented at the event. The event will showcase organizations that are leading the way in IoT integration/adaptation and is a great platform for IT experts to gather and discuss the future of IoT and technology as a whole.

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