Aurora Next Generation IoT Device


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Aurora Next Generation IoT Device:

Aurora is a next-generation IoT device that increases the shelf-life of food products significantly. Everyone must have experienced this situation at some point: You have come home and open your fridge to eat fruits, or you want to cook something and need meats/vegetables. But you find the items you need spoiled and in an inedible condition. This is where Uvera comes in, it is a Saudi Arabia based food-tech startup that has presented Aurora.

What is Aurora?

The effect of this device is achieved by using UV-C rays, which are known to increase the shelf life of food products.. Which are known to destroy/remove harmful microorganisms from liquids, food, and other surfaces. And this product has been developed to help businesses and consumers avoid wasting food, according to the founder of Uvera, Asrar Damdam. According to Asrar, Aurora can increase the shelf-life of food products up to 120% on average.

Why was the Aurora Made?

According to the founder of Uvera, Asrar Damdam, the Aurora was made to help businesses and consumers to lessen food wastage. On average, 10-15% of food is wasted daily in restaurants and homes, and this device was made to help with that. With its cutting-edge technology, it elongates the shelf-life of any food placed inside it. The Aurora combines artificial intelligence with IoT technology to provide consumers with food with a better shelf-life.

How Does the Aurora Work?

The Aurora works in a similar fashion to a microwave. First, the user has to download the app, after which they must place the food inside the container. Then the start button is pushed, which starts the 30-second countdown. Then after 30-seconds have passed the food inside the container will have an elongated shelf-life, and it can be stored in the pantry or the fridge as usual. And in only 30 seconds the Aurora can increase the shelf life of any food. On average, it increases the shelf-life of fruits by 140%, vegetables by 123% and meats b 41%, which makes it an excellent product.

When Will It Release?

Although the Aurora is an excellent device on paper, it is important to note that it is still under development. Moreover, the product received significant traction in its pre-sale campaign that was launched in September 2022. Further, 90% of the manufacturing of the first product is already done. And that they will be ready to launch their first beta testing in early 2023, according to Damdam.


Damdam is an excellent entrepreneur and a skilled inventor and her skills have been honed by the MBRIF. Further, she says, “Introducing a novel technology to the market is not an easy task. It requires commitment, specific knowledge, and expertise in terms of science, business strategy and commercialization. To succeed in this endeavor, it is important to find mentors that believe in innovation and are confident in their capacity to assist in the development of innovators.” We hope to see the Aurora brought to life in 2023.


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