PUF: A Crucial Technology for AI and IoT
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PUF: A Crucial Technology for AI and IoT

Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) is a new trend that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with the internet of things (IoT) to create networks of digital devices that communicate and process data. While IoT creates vast connections, AI makes these devices come alive. Here’s one example: an IP camera system can be used for apartment security. Yet, without AI, people need to monitor video from the system in real-time in order to respond to emergencies. With AI, IP cameras can recognize risks automatically and send alerts. Certainly, AIoT promises to grow rapidly and give rise to new high-value products in the same way that the internet led to the creation of so many huge businesses. Those who enter the production of AIoT devices will be poised to tap a vast new market. IoT devices today number in the billions. These small, connected gadgets include electronic devices and appliances networked together and communicating over internet protocols (IPs).

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