Who Is The Leader In AI Hardware?
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Who Is The Leader In AI Hardware?

A few months ago, I published a blog that highlighted Qualcomm’s plans to enter the data center market with the Cloud AI100 chip sometime next year. While preparing the blog, our founder and principal analyst, Patrick Moorhead, called to point out that , not , probably has the largest market share in AI chip volume thanks to its leadership in devices for smartphones. Turns out, we were both right; it just depends on what you are counting. In the mobile and embedded space, Qualcomm powers hundreds of consumer and embedded devices running AI; it has shipped well over one billion Snapdragons and counting, all which support some level of AI today. In the data center, however, NVIDIA likely has well over 90% share of the market for training. Meanwhile, rightly claims the lion’s share of the chips for inference processing in the world’s largest data centers. I’ve written extensively about NVIDIA and Intel, so let’s take a look into Qualcomm Technology Inc. (QTI).

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