IoT Student Challenge Finals: Live Stream Sept. 21
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IoT Student Challenge Finals: Live Stream Sept. 21

Some 300 student teams submitted entries in two categories: Smart Land and Smart Water. Three teams, one each from Americas, Europe, and Asia, will compete in each of the two categories. Winners will take home a $50,000 cash prize plus $50,000 worth of Keysight equipment for their school. The final competition will use a “Shark Tank” style where the teams will make their case, explain their design, and answer questions from seven judges. To reach the finals, teams demonstrated the viability and functionality of their designs with working prototypes or through simulation. In the Smart Water category, teams demonstrated their designs on a hectare size area of waterway, using a minimum three IoT devices/sensors, for at least one month. Smart Land finalists had to demonstrate over a one-hectare urban area for at least one month. The final competition was originally scheduled to take place at the New York City Maker Faire. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled when the event producer closed its doors. Keysight’s event organizers pulled everything together, keeping the event on the originally scheduled day at a Manhattan location.

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