IoT Cyberattacks Surge 300% in 2019 | CloudWedge
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IoT Cyberattacks Surge 300% in 2019 | CloudWedge

A new report released by F-Secure notes that cyberattacks have gone up over three hundred percent. The amount of attacks, according to the report, comes in at about 2.9 billion throughout 2019 thus far. While the numbers are staggering, they are expected. The rise in popularity of the IoT as a medium for collecting and transmittijavascript:;ng data remotely means that far more devices are deployed for the purpose. The resulting increase in the number of attacks may not speak to the security of the system, but rather the sheer number of devices there are throughout the world.

How the team collected their data was through a system of “honeypots.” these IoT servers seem like nondescript, regular connected hubs for IoT devices, with a catch. When a malicious attempt is made, the attack is recorded and logged, whether successful or not. F-Secure notes that since they have been using this method for detecting breaches of the IoT, this is the first time the amount of attacks has ever hit a billion.

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