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His mother, who still runs the family menswear business in Stockholm, Sweden, still thinks of him as a “glorified astrologer,” Sörman-Nilsson told the audience at this week’s Iowa Technology Summit during the keynote.  “There’s no one like your parents to tell you what you truly do,” he noted wryly.  Sörman-Nilsson’s mum ended up playing a big role as he addressed Iowa businesses, technologists and college students at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center on Tuesday.

Birgitta Sörman-Nilsson is the third generation managing the 103-year-old Georg Sörman storefront in downtown Stockholm, and by Anders Sörman-Nilsson’s account, she is not at all pleased by development of digital commerce as she watches customers try clothes on in the showroom and leave to order their final purchase on Amazon.  “This has been brutalizing my mum’s business model for the last 10 or 15 years,” Sörman-Nilsson said.

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