7 Ways to Improve Field Service with IoT Asset Visibility
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Before the arrival of IoT-enabled asset monitoring, field service technicians would struggle with delays from unidentified malfunctions or inaccurate diagnosis resulting in high intervention bills, unnecessary truck rolls, and a bad customer service reputation.

Businesses introducing new use cases based on connected assets as part of their IoT strategy are incentivized by the opportunity to boost efficiency and reduce the costs of their field service organization. But what is the readiness level of your field service in real life, and how can you push to a higher level of ROI maturity?

IoT asset visibility can drastically improve field service efficiency if you manage these 7 key indicators of your field service success.

Giving customer service departments a real-time view of the actual state of assets, asset alarms, and asset environmental conditions is extremely powerful. This can be complemented by the execution of diagnostics tests to assess further and confirm the asset’s health. The cheapest truck roll is not having a truck roll at all. Remote problem resolution also minimizes health risks during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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