It’s 2020. Let’s Stop Saying
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It’s 2020. Let’s Stop Saying

The train has left the station, and we are stuck with that odd term, “Internet of Things (IoT)”.” There’s nothing much we can do about it. This relic of a name emerged back in the days when the Internet was the thing. It alluded to a world in which digital sensory devices interact with each other in a similar way to which people interact with each other on the web.

It’s been 21 since the invention of the term IoT, and we are yet to fulfill this vision. The dry definition of ” Sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects that are linked through wired and wireless networks” doesn’t quite capture the potential of IoT. Smart home, smart cities, Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and the many other aspects of life all benefit from what we mean when we say IoT.

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